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Where does our name come from?

One of the owner’s favorite beers, “The Time Traveler”, is a Strong Scotch Ale that has an ABV of 9.25%, typically.

After he enjoys 3 or 4 too fast, at home or with a designated driver of course, he has been know to wake up 6 hours in the future. That’s Time Travel.

Let Our Beer Carry You Through Time & Space.

(Responsibly of course)

As a hip new restaurant in the fastest growing city in Oregon, we pride ourselves on making quality and sustainable beer that uses exceptional grain that is grown and harvested from small farms that support family-owned businesses.

Our kitchen looks to push the envelope on flavors and food concepts, and we are passionate about always going the extra mile so that our customers can enjoy food and brews that they wouldn’t experience anywhere else.

We believe in cultivating an environment that brings people and communities together.