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Where does our name come from?

One of the owner’s favorite beers, “The Time Traveler”, is a Strong Scotch Ale that has an ABV of 9.25%, typically.

After he enjoys 3 or 4 too fast, at home or with a designated driver of course, he has been know to wake up 6 hours in the future. That’s Time Travel.

Time Travelers Strong Scotch Ale

On New Year’s Eve 2020, a family was embracing the warmth of a campfire at the start of the new year when suddenly, they were struck with awe. A flash of light blinded them and what appeared to be the Norse god Odin was standing before them. He tells the family “The world is in peril and the only way to bring people back together again is to brew the perfect beer, the “Nectar of the Gods”. He charged the family with finding all of the sacred ingredients. He then informed them that drinking Time Traveler Strong Scotch Ale would allow them to warp through time and space to do so. The 6 family members looked at each other and smiled. The challenge from the gods is accepted! They each took a gulp and so began their adventure.

One Small Step Hazy

Our time travelers find themselves hurdling back through space. The year is 1969 and to their amazement they are witnessing mankind’s first steps on earth’s moon! With radars in hand, they are getting closer to their next ingredient for the perfect recipe, the “Nectar of the Gods”. At first, they couldn’t find the ingredient. However, using the radar, they are able to detect the glowing yeast from within the astronauts space shuttle! After gathering what they needed, they are off, continuing their never-ending search for the ingredients for the perfect recipe.